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Winco of South Texas sets the standard in our field of work. From tuff jobs to the simple nothing is impossible.

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The Winco Management Team

Winco of South Texas - The Standard of Excellence

What makes the Winco Difference? We believe that it is People!!! Winco has been building its team for the last 30 years on the philosophy that character matters.

The bottom line is we are more concerned with honor, honesty, and dependability than we are with hiring experience; that we can supply. Winco's success is due to its great people.

Brick by brick we are structuring our house on those who prove excellent in heart first, then performance takes its natural course. The proverb “He who walks with wise men will be wise” is foundational to excellence.

Keith Witt - Owner

Keith Witt:

Is the owner and overseer of Winco. Throughout the years, Keith has consistently sought to maintain high standards by demanding honor and honesty in all who work for Winco. Often he has proclaimed that the most vital key to business is "who" is on your bus. Meaning that getting and keeping the best personnel is unsurpassed in importance. As you browse our site, you may notice that Keith is quite proud of those who have made the grade of "The Standard of Excellence".

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Kevin Hyland:

Is our Waterproofing Divisional Manager. Kevin is a whirlwind of energy. They say if you need something done, ask a busy man and Kevin is that man. He knows his product, his process and how to make a promise and keep it. If anyone can figure it out, get it right, and make it happen, Kevin can. Just watching Kevin should be a required course for business professionals.

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Kevin Hyland - Waterproofing Manager

Paul Mutzbauer - Window Cleaning Manager

Paul Mutzbauer:

Paul runs the Window Cleaning Division and the Safety Department portion of Winco. He also provides an air of light heartedness were you never know what he will say next to make someone lighten up and laugh. He makes coming to work a joy and an adventure.

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Derek Antunes :

Derek is one of our Home Window Cleaning go to guys. He can estimate, clean, and handle difficult projects. If attitude is the key to professionalism and success, then Derek is your man when you need it done right.

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Derek Antunes Project Manager

Linda Mutzbauer - Front Office Manager

Linda Mutzbauer:

Is our Front Office Manager. Linda is indispensable; she is the gear that moves the machine. Since 2002, Linda has brought organization to the organization. We are so thankful to have her on board. If it can be found, fixed, figured, faxed, and foreseen, Linda is the answer. Linda loves cats so we now have 3.

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John Wallace-Bradley:

Is our newest addition. He is now overseeing the awning maintenance, sales and service division. To know John is to like him. With his English accent and jolly personality, you will feel like he is your best friend in no time. John brings passion to the profession and that is what makes Winco work. We have yet to see John with a frown or a bad day.

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John Wallace-Bradley - Awning Maintence Division

Aaron Barr:

Is our Chief Estimator and our only Super Tech. Aaron is one of those who fixes everything and figures our most complex questions out in 30 seconds. How? We don’t know but we are sure glad to have someone of his caliber working for us. He is vital to all reports, data, specifications, and last minute life saving tasks. Ya, gotta love Aaron!!! We have decided that he can never get sick or we may have to shut down.

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Aaron Barr - Chief Estimator/Super Tech

Donna Frodge:

Never says it can’t be done. She brings a real calmness combined with friendliness to Winco. She carries a “can do” attitude, which is contagious. When you think of Donna, you think dedication. A company is no better than the people who run it and Donna is a cohesive element to that objective.

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Donna Frodge