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Winco of South Texas sets the standard in our field of work. From tuff jobs to the simple nothing is impossible.

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Winco of South Texas

Winco entered into the window cleaning industry in 1977 and began Cleaning high-rise glass in 1980. Since then Winco has serviced thousands of buildings all over Texas, from Amarillo down to McAllen.

Winco has been a leader in glass cleaning technology for over 30 years. Beginning in the late 70's, Winco pioneered the use of restoration Chemicals into the field, resulting in saving building owners a lot of cash.

From the Tower of the Americas, Marriott, River Center Mall, Grand Hyatt Downtown San Antonio, and The Horse Shoe Bay, we have come up with solutions to help solve some of the biggest problems.

There are many different types of solutions that Winco has incorporated into the window cleaning process. All of which are designed with our customers in mind.

Winco of South Texas

Chemical Restoration:

What do you do when you have severe water deposits on your glass and mild acids and scraping does not work? Well we have several tricks up the old sleeve. Sometimes a mild acid works and sometimes we have to use non organic acid cleaners. The end result is clearing up the damaged surface. NOTE: some neglected conditions may result in glass damage beyond repair.

Winco helps to tackle some of the biggest problems that many business's face when trying to maintain their buildings appearance. The Standard of Excellence plays a vital role in not only our work but also in how we treat our employees.

It may surprise you to know if you average the years between all of our workers you would come up with 12.2 years experience per worker. This is because Winco strives to train our people well and then take care of them so as to keep them. Owner Keith Witt states:

Underpaying employees causes turnover rates to escalate, safety to decline, profits to decline. Our thinking is that a lack of experience in our field is deadly and we have concentrated our efforts to prevent this pattern. It may cost us a little more to pay our employees but at least we can sleep at night. And you can rest assured that not only did you make a wise choice considering price but also concerning safety. Thank you for considering Winco of South Texas in servicing your Hi Rise needs.

Sincerely Keith Witt

How can Winco help you achieve your goals?

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If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Paul Mutzbauer our Window Cleaning/Projects Manager.

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