Waterproofing - New Construction & Remedial

The term Waterproofing in relation to buildings implies making something resistant to water penetration. Winco of South Texas specializes in many waterproofing applications that helps to make buildings watertight. From membranes to sealants, Winco goes the extra mile on all projects to ensure that water penetration will not be an issue.

New Construction Waterproofing

Failed water barriers are no fun, they result in serious and costly remedial corrections. The goal is to get “it right” the first time.

With over 12,000 products available and each having unique benefits it is imperative to have good advice and experience from a qualified company.

Winco is not so big that we wouldn’t waterproof one window or so small that we would not waterproof a super structure; giving each the same care and concern.

From blue print estimation to product selection, Winco goes the extra mile to ensure that waterproofing your project will be done at the standard of excellence.

Products installed for New Construction Projects:


Fire Rated

Below/Above Grade

Sprayed On


Ga Metal
Stainless Steel
Self Adhering

Building Wrap

Rigid Insulation
Asphaltic Paper
Foam Insulation



For over 30 years Winco has sought to resolve common problems found on a wide range of structures. During these years, we have learned which product, process and avoidances best resolves problems. From the simple to the complex, Winco is dedicated to help you achieve a cost effective solution.

We take the approach of long term results as our major focus. Sometimes for a few pennies more you can add 5 to 10 additional years of life expectancy. Sometimes it is a simple as pre-treating the surface or adding a bond breaker to avoid 3 sided adhesions. These and other ideas add very little to the cost, but provide a strategic design for longevity.

Our clients return time and time again, because they know we are up front with them. One thing we have learned in 30 years is that if we are going to excel in our field we need to be as honest as we want to be treated. I keep going back to the honest car dealer because he shot me straight the last 3 times. Now he may not make as much on one sale but he will make more as I return; that is exactly how you can expect us to treat you.

We encourage you to look at the project gallery images and to see the recommendation letters from our clients; it might be better to hear it from them.

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