When paint becomes old and flaky, it can cause serious damage to your structure. Not only does it look bad but it allows the outside elements to impact the structure itself.

What many people do not realize is that paint is actually a waterproof/weather barrier that protects your investment. When that barrier fails, it allows additional damage to occur.

We have been privileged to help many of our clients achieve a cost effective painting solution that has beautified and added a long lasting protection to there building. From hi rise to single story, Winco works with all of our clients to achieve what many deem to be impossible or even too costly.

Winco deems nothing impossible to achieve. With our hands on approach and product suggestions, we work towards the goal of a complete solution. Sometimes it is just a matter of thinking outside of the box that yields the biggest benefits.

When Winco is on the job your best outcome is our first priority. The Standard of Excellence is more then just a statement, it is how we do business.

Winco's Painting Project Galleries:

The Problem:

The Austin Airport Hilton was having problems with paint peeling off of the metal ceilings in the interior of the building.

The Solution:

Getting quotes of 4-5 Million dollars, Winco was asked to help come up with a solution to help cut the costs. Not only did we manage to come up with a cost reducing solution, we saved the company 90% off the original quote.

The Problem:

The Alamo Quarry had issues with stains and faded paint on there shops.

The Solution:

Winco was asked to submit numbers on how to best help upgrade the look of the shopping complex with a solution that would not effect either the business’s or their clients.

"How can I help you today?"
Curtis Hoover
Sr Project Manager

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