Pressure Cleaning

Power Washing is no small task when you are 500 feet above the ground. As a matter of fact it becomes a bit of science when you begin to deal with reoccurring stains, soft substrates, oil deposits and leaching while seeking long term results.

For instance did you know that pre-treating algae with cleaning agents can help prevent re-growth for up to 2 years? Or that there are spray safe, environmentally friendly products which use microbes and enzymes?

The right equipment not only gets the job done faster but yields grand results. Some jobs require a little extra reach; Winco has the tools to get the job done, no matter how high or how stained the surface is.

Need a new paint job? The first requirement is to have a clean, chalk free surface for your coating to adhere to. No one wants peeling paint a year after it has been installed. Call Winco when you not only want it to look good now, but for the next 5 years as well.

Keeping It Clean:

Did you know that there are sealers that can keep your newly cleaned surface? Some of these repellant’s last up to 20 years. Amazing as it may sound we can install Silane repellant’s that will not affect glass and or automobiles that are contacted by the product. Some sealants can even enhance your stone work and make your building look better.


Feel free to call Paul Mutzbauer our Window Cleaning/Projects Manger for a professional consolation on all the options available to you. We most likely will save you some serious money and some serious headaches as well.

"How can I help you tackle your next project?"
Paul Mutzbauer
Projects Manager

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